I have been able to get ahold of someone who says they still have it installed from before it was pulled i think they said the phone is a Motorola e5 cruse version 8.0 if that makes any difference, I do not absolutely need all of the files as long as I can get ahold of the assets. Such as video, image, audio, and text files. I should be able to rebuild it from that. I've considered looking into something such as app cloner and seeing of that may work and im not exactly sure if it would need the phone to be rooted or not. Thank you all

  • I'm a little confused at what you are asking for. You have an app currently on your device that no longer exists on the app store, and you would like to copy the app's data to your computer...is that correct? If not, please clarify. – CzarMatt Jul 9 at 5:02
  • If the app is installed on your device you can download the APK file from your device. A lot of file manager apps support this. This is also possible via abd. – Robert Jul 9 at 7:58
  • An apk is just a zip by a different name with little to no compression and some special Android-specific junk inside, so [almost] any file manager with zip support should be able to open them if you rename them with the extension .zip instead of .apk. Apparently obb files are similar, but I haven't tried them, and they are not limited to the zip format so you may need to identify which type of archive they are by looking at the header with a hex editor, and they can also be encrypted and ruin this completely. – l3l_aze Jul 14 at 0:57

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