I'm wondering how much impact power saving has when the screen and WiFi and cellular data is off?

I'm in the habit of turning power saving off whenever I unlock my phone and back on when I lock it, and I'm curious if that's really worth the hassle. My usage patterns are:

  • WiFi, cellular data, bluetooth off whenever not in use, and off when locked. (nearly always)
  • Location/GPS off at all times (never use)
  • No social media apps and minimal third party apps, so notifications are few.
  • I never use Ultra power saving

It seems like the only possible difference is CPU or disk I/O, but with the phone idling how significant is that?

My phone is Samsung Galaxy J1 running stock Android 6. Thanks

  • Yeah CPU mostly... But keep in mind there's probably loads of processes running even if you closed all your apps. There's services that always run, and depending on what apps you have installed, a CPU throttle may save some juice... – svin83 Jul 13 '20 at 9:10

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