I want to clear the 'suggestions' that appear when I use the search function (finder app?) in Android.

I have a Samsung Galaxy S7 edge. Because of that I'm not sure how much of my question is a Samsung-specific question, and how much is an Android question.

On my phone, when I click 'Apps' I get a menu of all apps on my phone. At the top is a 'Search phone' control, which I believe is called 'Finder'. When I click the search button I can enter text to find applications on my phone quicker than swiping through the menu. When nothing is entered in the search terms there is a 'Suggested Apps' section which appears with five apps. When I enter a search term, this is replaced with two sections, 'Applications' and 'Suggestions'. The 'Suggestions' section appears to be a list of searches made in Google some time in the distant past that match the search term I've typed in the search box.

I want to know how to clear what's in 'Suggestions'. To be clear, these are not apps. I'm not sure what terms to use when searching google, so either I typed the wrong search term, and didn't get anything useful as a result, or the answer to my question isn't out there.

I've tried clearing history in Chrome (as one site suggested) and I've tried changing activity controls in my google account. None of these worked.

These search suggestions only ever appear in the 'finder' app, no-where else I use google.

Can anyone help me figure out how to clear the search suggestions? Or at least what google terms I could use to find the answer myself?


  • Try clearing cache of the launcher app. I am assuming finder is a part of launcher. If it isn't to to locate that app in system apps and delete cache – beeshyams Jul 16 at 3:41

Finally figured it out myself. In Android you need to go to Settings > Google > Manage your Google Account > Data & personalisation and then Manage your activity controls. From here you can purge old data and set auto-delete and so on.

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