My phone model is Huawei G7-L11. Android version is 6.0

Hey there, I want to connect my phone to PC to be able to unlock its bootloader. When I connect to PC, It charges only and that's it.

What I did:

1: I tried to connect to pc using Huawei HiSuit but that didn't worked. It does not show anything to PC or mobile as well, just charges the phone. I tried to connect another Huawei phone and that succeeded to connect to PC, But my Huawei G7 is not connecting to pc... Yes of course I turned on the USB debugging as well as allow hdb thing, I also disabled it and re-enabled it but that also didn't worked.

2: I tried to use adb to detect my phone... I typed adb devices as well as fastboot devices but that also didn't shown my devices.

Note: yes I know about MTP and other options, But my device is not connecting at all to PC.. It is not showing any option either. Just charges. I Installed the Huawei G7 drivers as well as snapdragon driver + universal ad drivers. I am 100% sure my USB cable is fine and I am not using any USB hub.

Please Help me... I want to unlock bootloader... Help me connect my device to PC.

  • replace the usb connector with spare part from aliexpress
    – alecxs
    Jul 18, 2020 at 8:28

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First of all, start with easy-to-solve debugging:

  • Have you unlocked your phone while trying to connect to PC or did you connect with the screensaver showing?
  • After unlocking, you have a tab (in most of the phones its on top) that you can show by sliding down. There, you have a notification about the connection. Have you clicked it and set it to file transfer instead of just charging?
  • Try changing the USB cable.

Note: I know this could be answered by commenting the question but I haven't got enough reputation in this website.

  • 1
    first of all thnk u for your answer.. yes I know about the usb transfer thing but it does not show notification.. it does nothing else then charging.. Jul 18, 2020 at 12:56
  • And have you tried a different USB cable and a different USB port (on the PC)? Jul 25, 2020 at 13:38

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