I want to root a Galaxy S4, yea I know it's an old phone, but perfect for what I want to do. Problem is, once I do adb restart bootloader, the device is no longer on the adb devices list, so I cannot unlock the bootloader.

Any suggestions? I am somewhat new at this so I don't know exactly what to do. Step by step would be nice.


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When you are in the bootloader mode, the device no longer communicates via adb, if you want to now unlock your bootloader, you have to use fastboot.

Also, the Samsung Galaxy S4 (except for AT&T and Verizon versions) don't have a locked bootloader, all you have to do is flash a custom recovery via Odin, then you are all good to go.

TWRP is a good option for custom recoveries these days, you can go to their website and download the .tar version of their recovery, then put the .tar file into Odin's "AP" slot and hit "Start", your device should now be loaded with a custom recovery.

Here's the link to all the information required: https://forum.xda-developers.com/galaxy-s4/i9505-orig-develop/recovery-twrp-3-2-1-0-t3742880

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