Chrome - swipe to dismiss articles on home page missing answered for previous versions of Chrome. This does not work on Chrome 84.0.4147.89

Internet search and experiments didn't help. Any ideas?


It's a shame but you can't do that any more. Google says they won't fix it as mentioned in the Chromium bug report ( Chrome does not maintain separate bug reports)

Swiping was indeed removed with the latest update due to usability reasons and it being difficult to interpret as a user signal. So this is working as intended.

But an enterprising user found out a fix! Great!

Paste chrome://flags/#interest-feed-content-suggestions in search bar select Enabled (snippets)

Paste chrome://flags/#interest-feed-v2 in search bar and select Enable

Relaunch Chrome and click on More at the bottom of the page.

Now you can swipe away as before. If you care for this feature which Google has removed, please star the bug report and optionally vent your frustration!

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