I have a ton of stuff. Some of it is very old. One bizarre issue I run into when using android is that I can't copy or even see some of the oldest files when I plug the phone to a computer and open it for transferring files.

For some reason, the computer can't read or copy some files. There is no corruption or data loss because I can browse said files on the phone, open them or send them through Whatsapp.

Which is what I did last time. I have to back up a thousand photos so I send them through WhatsApp in batches of 50. Needless to say, that was quite annoying.

Is there some effective method/software of dumping all images and videos from the phone onto anything?

Why is there such a bizarre data reading issue any way?

Do I like need the android equivalent of shadowcopy or something ?

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    try Adebar or adb-sync, MTP has known issues with large amount of files – alecxs Jul 27 at 0:37

I have to back up a thousand photos

For backing up photos, I would use Google Photos. It's free, and it does it automatically (if that's enabled). It also has a ton of other features like sorting by people and pets, using Google Lens to copy text in the photo, and backed up photos are accessible on the web version.

Be careful though, as deleting a picture on the web version deletes it from the synced device as well, thanks to alecxs for mentioning this.

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    Google = no privacy! – Irfan Latif Jul 27 at 7:21
  • Not necessarily. Plus, people share a huge amount of information with Google on a daily basis -- willingly! – Oboe Wan Kenobi Jul 27 at 13:35

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