I installed a custom rom on my Android phone which is havoc GSI 3.1 I am not happy with certain features that don't work and I would like to go back to the original ROM what is preventing me from doing that is the fear of losing my app data and building the phone from scratch. all my app APK files as well as the data be it internal or external is on the second partition of my memory card ( app2sd ) . now if I change the ROM and go back to OEM I do not want to go through the hassle of restoring all app data. titanium backup used to be good at doing it but now it's crappy and it does not do its job especially if there is a change in the architecture between phones or version changes in the OS. besides it will just hang whenever it cannot restore the app and you have to start all over again in batch mode. my understanding is that there is no registry equivalent in Android what we find in windows. so is there a method where I can recreate the links and point em to existing APK files on my second partition. the other option would be in Nandroid backup of my internal data and then restore it to OEM. which of these approaches should work..


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