I've created a folder in Google Photos with images that were in other folders. I want to delete the images from the other folders without deleting them from the device. But when I delete them, they get deleted from the new folder and the device.

Is it possible to only delete the images from Google Photos without deleting them from the device?

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    This reminds me that Google Photos is actually a syncing solution, not a backup solution. Anything that is done with it will be synced to the server and devices. – Andrew T. Aug 16 '20 at 13:58

You can go through the web interface https://photos.google.com/, download all your photos in order to have a backup, then you can delete the needed ones.

In case the deleted Google Photos from the web interface delete also the ones in the device, you can restore them to it using USB connection (Folder: Internal Storage/DCIM or External Storage/DCIM if you have a SD card).

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