Default files app is showing many files (mostly photos) that don't exist anymore. How to clean it up?

All of these files existed under /sdcard and were cleaned via synchronization with my PC over ssh. I don't keep my old photos on my phone, and most of the rest was just junk.

(Yes the files really don't exist. If I tap them it just spins. It's like the files app can't handle the file not being there.)

I've operated this way for a long time, but it's glitched out now.

This is an rooted essential PH-1 phone; firmware is from this year. Note that rooted PH-1 phones run patched firmware.

  • Delete cache of the file manager and photos app.

  • Go to the app info section in your settings, enable "show system apps" on the hamburger menu, locate media storage, delete it's cache. Reboot, wait for a few minutes for the media databases to build up again and your problem most likely would be solved.

  • This may not always solve the problem as explained very well in this answer by Irfan Latif and you may have to resort using apps such as AZ media rescan

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