On my Samsung Galaxy A3 (2016) running Android 7.0 i got the following issue:

I have both the Google app (or is it called the Assistant?, i'm confused about the many different ways to access Google honestly, sorry) and Chrome installed.

I prefer using Chrome for Web searches as it has tab support.

I noticed the following thing:

In my Google Account/Data & personalization/Language i have English (as Default), German and French languages installed.

When using the Google app voice search (by tapping the microphone symbol on the Google widget on my home screen), i can talk either English, German or French and the results are always decent.

However when i use voice search in Chrome (by tapping the microphone symbol in the Chrome search bar), it apparently always assumes i'm talking English, and the recognition results for German or French are ridiculously bad.

Why is it that Chrome is not using the same voice engine for searches and how can i tell Chrome that it should also support German and French as input for my voice searches?

I'm signed in to my Google account on Chrome too, so it should have my preferences.

Also, i added German and French to Chrome language settings.

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