I have enabled developer options accidentally by clicking on Settings > About Chrome > Application Version 7 times.

I didn't find any option to disable this developer options. How to disable this?


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The flag to show Developer options is stored on Chrome's shared preferences under the developer key, which can only be accessed with root access.

As shown on the source code:

  1. AboutChromeSettings: tapping the Application Version 7 times calls DeveloperSettings.setDeveloperSettingsEnabled()
  2. DeveloperSettings: writes the boolean value true to ChromePreferenceKeys.SETTINGS_DEVELOPER_ENABLED
  3. ChromePreferenceKeys: SETTINGS_DEVELOPER_ENABLED refers to the developer key in the shared preferences

To reset the flag:

  • With root access

    Users can overwrite the value on the shared preferences directly

    1. Browse to /data/data/com.android.chrome/shared_prefs/
    2. Open com.android.chrome_preferences.xml
    3. Search the line <boolean name="developer" value="true" />
    4. Change the value to "false"
    5. Save the change
  • Without root access

    Users can only use Android Settings' "Clear data" to reset the flag. Note that this will also reset all Chrome's settings.

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