When I click a link in another app, say "Gmail" for instance, it opens up an in-app browser to view it.

When you click on the top right menu bar, you can see that at the bottom it says "Powered by Chrome".

On another older phone, it somehow used to be "Powered by Firefox". I don't remember exactly how I enabled it. How should I enable it in other phones?

  • I assume you are talking about the "WebView implementation" - the embedded webbrowser used by many apps. It can be configured in developer options but Firefox does not show up in the list of available web view implementations (but I only have "Firefox" installed at the moment Mozilla has quite a few different Firefox based browser in PlayStore available, may be one of the other apps can be selected).
    – Robert
    Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 7:51
  • It's not webview implementation. I think it used to be called "chrometabs" but I haven't done android dev in a while so I'm not sure. Commented Sep 3, 2020 at 7:54

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Setting the default browser as Firefox (it was set to none, because I had disabled Chrome) worked.

For Firefox, the instructions can be found here.

For others, the "default apps" menu in the settings is what I had to change for my version (Android P), YMMV.


Robert's WebView implementation comment above leads me to figure it out. I had Chrome disabled. I had "Open in app" set for the app I have been trying to wrangle. But still, when opening a web link from any app, the link would open the full version of Firefox for Android.

I disabled & uninstalled the updates for Android System Webview; and restarted the device. Now I get the 'Powered by Firefox' web applet/WebView implementation/thingy I was after. Hope this helps someone.


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