Recently, Microsoft launcher has started to give web search suggestions when I click on my home button and search for an app.

I only want to find apps, but in addition to installed app results the launcher now also gives internet search suggestions.

I want to disable that because I do not use it for that functionality. I guess this is MS's way of pushing Bing, but I still would like to disable it. Is that possible?


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It's Microsoft pushing ads for its apps, yet again

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  • Find another launcher and uninstall Microsoft Launcher. Or change search engine in settings, if you want to continue using the launcher.

  • Uninstall Microsoft Edge. XDA blog says that launcher triggers these ads only when Edge is installed (but some users have reported in comments that they don't have Edge installed but get this Bing search).

  • Report to Play Store - use Report Inappropriate Apps. Play Store has a very aggressive policy wherein developers are not allowed to even link their own apps.This may cause app to be removed from Play Store

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    It's a shame. I really like the launcher. Not too many bells and whistles. I do not have Edge installed so that does nor help I guess I'll have to decide whether it's worth keeping... Sep 5, 2020 at 8:04

The real solution

Just disable app's network access.

Go to settings - > apps - > find Microsoft launcher - > disable network access

It is indeed a really well made launcher.


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