I mistakenly deleted the stock Google Calendar application from my Android 2.2 phone (Samsung Europa GT-i5500). My phone is rooted. I can't recall what program I used for the deletion, but I have backups of 4 files saved on my desktop PC:

  1. com.android.calendar-[big number].apk
  2. com.android.providers.calendar-[big number].apk
  3. com.android.providers.calendar-[big number].properties
  4. com.android.providers.calendar-[big number].tar

How can I reinstall this application using these backups?

  • Looks like the files you have were created by Titanium Backup, so I'd start there. – eldarerathis May 11 '12 at 13:55
  • Sorry, I should have mentioned that. I did try but I couldn't get it to work. Is there another way please? – mccartrey May 11 '12 at 17:21

You can restore the calendar from your backup files. Two of them should be of interest to you.

com.android.calendar-[big number].apk
com.android.providers.calendar-[big number].apk

The first one is the actual calendar, while the second is a helper app for it that stores it's data. To reinstall either use Titanium Backup, a file manager (there're plenty in the play store) or adb. With the latter type:

adb remount
adb push /path/on/pc /system/app/Calendar.apk
adb push /path/on/pc /system/app/CalendarProvider.apk

into the terminal. Now reboot.

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