I have downloaded the stock ROM for my Mediatek (MT6580) device. Extracting the files leads me to a couple of *.img files and SP Flash Tool. I am currently on a Linux distro and have adb and fastboot packages installed, and am not able to use the SP Flash Tool. I was wondering which files do I need to flash to get a factory version of the phone.

fastboot getvar all shows these outputs

(bootloader)    max-download-size: 0x8000000
(bootloader)    partition-size:userdata: 32000000
(bootloader)    partition-type:userdata: ext4
(bootloader)    partition-size:cache: 10000000
(bootloader)    partition-type:cache: ext4
(bootloader)    partition-size:system: 5d000000
(bootloader)    partition-type:system: ext4
(bootloader)    partition-size:metadata: 2560000
(bootloader)    partition-type:metadata: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:nvdata: 2000000
(bootloader)    partition-type:nvdata: ext4
(bootloader)    partition-size:tee2: 500000
(bootloader)    partition-type:tee2: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:tee1: 500000
(bootloader)    partition-type:tee1: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:frp: 100000
(bootloader)    partition-type:frp: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:expdb: a00000
(bootloader)    partition-type:expdb: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:logo: 800000
(bootloader)    partition-type:logo: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:para: 80000
(bootloader)    partition-type:para: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:keystore: 800000
(bootloader)    partition-type:keystore: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:secro: 600000
(bootloader)    partition-type:secro: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:oemkeystore: 200000
(bootloader)    partition-type:oemkeystore: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:recovery: 1000000
(bootloader)    partition-type:recovery: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:boot: 1000000
(bootloader)    partition-type:boot: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:lk: 60000
(bootloader)    partition-type:lk: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:seccfg: 40000
(bootloader)    partition-type:seccfg: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:protect2: a00000
(bootloader)    partition-type:protect2: ext4
(bootloader)    partition-size:protect1: a00000
(bootloader)    partition-type:protect1: ext4
(bootloader)    partition-size:nvram: 500000
(bootloader)    partition-type:nvram: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:proinfo: 300000
(bootloader)    partition-type:proinfo: raw data
(bootloader)    partition-size:preloader: 40000
(bootloader)    partition-type:preloader: raw data
(bootloader)    off-mode-charge: 1
(bootloader)    warranty: no
(bootloader)    unlocked: yes
(bootloader)    secure: no
(bootloader)    kernel: lk
(bootloader)    product: RS615
(bootloader)    version: 0.5
all: Done!!
finished. total time: 0.012s
  • 1
    What makes it impossible for you to use the SP Flashtool? I remember it works fine on Linux (if you have the linux variant of it), having used it with a MTK device several years ago. AFAIR I've followed this guide back then.
    – Izzy
    Sep 11 '20 at 6:30
  • 1
    Running this distro using a live usb thumb drive. My hard disk drive is busted unfortunately. I have downloaded all the adb and fastboot packages properly on this distro, and seems to be working fine. Are there ways to do it without the flash tools?
    – losethos
    Sep 11 '20 at 7:02
  • 1
    okay I also found this android.stackexchange.com/questions/125599/… answer here. Dont know how to apprehend it properly. Perhaps a better guide would be appreciated. Athough my question and the other one mentioned here are of the same type but without an acceptable answer.
    – losethos
    Sep 11 '20 at 7:18
  • 1
    some partitions are important and must not erased like preloader secro seccfg nvdata nvram lk logo and some of them are device specific therefore not included in downloaded stock ROM blog.csdn.net/zhangbijun1230/article/details/81092381
    – alecxs
    Sep 11 '20 at 9:33
  • 1
    have you tried flashing system? flashing userdata is not important (it's wiped anyway on factory reset) you can just fastboot format:ext4 userdata
    – alecxs
    Sep 11 '20 at 19:32

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