Note: This is a post to share the experience that I had, during the installing process of Lineage Os. So That someone else can learn from my experience

I'm new to modding Android Phones and installing Custom ROM in phones.

I decided to install Lineage Os on My Asus ZenPhone Max Pro M1, I was following these steps.

  • Unlocking BootLoader true
  • Installing Custom recovery true
    • I installed twrp-3.2.3-0-X00TD which is also recommended in the instructions.
  • Installing Os from the recovery. experance some hiccups


Following the steps was in the documentations I wiped all the data(cache) and system partitions. after that, I went to Advance > ADB sideload and Twrp was stuck at Starting ADB sideload Features and I was not able to find my device on adb devices command. I also tried to install the os from external storage. But then twrp was saying that the file is corrupted. So I download the Os zip file again. and twrp was not able to map the file.


I found the solution though. I read the documentation again the installing Lineage Os part and the warning caught my eye. the warning as follows

WARNING: Depending on which recovery you use, you may be prompted to install additional apps and services. We strongly advise you to opt-out of installing these, as they may cause your device to boot-loop, as well as attempt to access or corrupt your data.

And I thought that I can also use another recovery as well, because as per my diagnostics I thought that problem might be in twrp recovery so I searched about the problems that I stated above. and I found that there were some problem as same as mine before as well. So I started searching for another version from twrp on their official website but I was not able to find a version from my phone. After that I Start finding another recovery that supports my phone and I come across OrangeFox recovery and I download a supported version from here and now I'm able to install any from recovery. I installed lineage os from ADB sideload. and my Phone just completed the open G-aaps installation as I was writing this post.

I hope this can be helpful to others.

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