I have a LG W10 Alpha running Android 9. I think it's close to stock Android.

I tried various suggested ways to remove the search bar on the home screen but none of them seem to work.

  1. Go to Apps -> Google -> Disable. There isn't such an option at all. Only Force Stop is available in Apps -> Google

  2. Long Press & drag the the search bar to Remove. Long Press doesn't allow you to drag or show the Remove option.

Didn't find any other option to remove the search bar either.

Are there any other ways which will work with Android 9 running on the LG W10 Alpha?

If not, which Custom Launcher should I install to remove it? I am pretty much happy with the default launcher & am not looking for any new feature with a custom launcher. So I would prefer a Custom Launcher which is really lightweight & works more or less like the default launcher except it allows me to remove the Search Bar. Any suggestions?

  • IIRC, since Android 6/7 (or was it already 5?) you no longer can get rid of that search bar – except by using an alternative launcher. You can find some launchers in my lists here, which includes a section for minimalistic/light-weigt launchers as well. Not sure which to recommend as I'm still going with the one coming with my ROM (LOS), which of course has no GApps included and thus no GSearch bar on the home screen. – Izzy Sep 20 '20 at 10:02

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