The scenario is as follows:

  • I have one Exchange account from work, part of my Android (Huawei P30 Pro, dual SIM) Work environment through a Company Portal app.
  • I have multiple Google accounts (personal, household, etc.).
  • I have some other accounts that are of lesser importance.

I would like to have all Calendars and Contacts, so at least from Exchange and all Google accounts, in one convenient overview (separate apps for Calendars and Contacts is fine).

I run into the following problem:

  • When I use my Work Outlook app to synchronize all accounts I get all Calendars in a convenient place, all email in my work account (which is fine, but not ideal), but my Work contacts don't synchronize from Outlook 365 to the Android Contacts app.
  • When I use the Gmail app to synchronize all accounts I get all calendars in the GCal app, all Contacts seem to synchronize to the Android Contacts app, but I get my Work email among my personal email, despite ticking all "don't sync" options I can find for email. This is undesirable, because I don't want to be confronted with work when I process my personal email outside working hours.

Is there a way to achieve a single overview for Calendars, sync all my contacts to Android Contacts, without having my Work emails cluttering my personal email?

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