I've been trying to run a ssh and a http server on my non-rooted Android phone using Termux.

I've installed Termux:Boot and termux-services to run them.

The server processes run for a while after I release the wakelock but are then killed by the system:

09-23 13:25:21.592  4450  5008 I ActivityManager: KPU : put [com.termux] : 15433 K
09-23 13:25:21.592  4450  5008 I ActivityManager: Killing 25360:com.termux/u0a171 (adj 904): DHA:empty #17

I tried disabling the app power monitor (Setting -> Device maintenance -> Battery) but it doesn't seem to make any difference.

Save rooting the phone, or keeping a wakelock in place, is there any way I can stop the ActivityManager killing my processes?

Setup: Samsung Galaxy A5 with stock-rom (Android 8 / Samsung Experience 9)


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I don't have Galaxy A5, but I have Galaxy A10s and this helped me:

  1. Go to Settings -> Apps -> Termux.
  2. Tap Battery.
  3. Enable Allow background activity.
  4. Open Termux.
  5. In Termux notification, click Acquire wakelock.
  6. Tap Allow.

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