I recently upgraded to android 11. Ever since I did that I cannot adb shell into any of the directories inside the /mnt directory:

adb shell
taimen:/ $ cd mnt
taimen:/mnt $ ls
androidwritable  appfuse  asec  expand  installer  media_rw  obb  pass_through  product  runtime  sdcard  secure  user  vendor
taimen:/mnt $ cd sdcard
/system/bin/sh: cd: /mnt/sdcard: Permission denied

What do I do to regain my access?


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On Android 11 sdcard path seem to have changed. The path /mnt/sdcard still exists but via adb you don't the permissions to access this path.

But there are alternatives. On the an emulator running Android 11 I can see for example path /sdcard. This path however is a soft link to /storage/self/primary which again is a soft-link to /storage/emulated/0.

Hence you have the following alternatives:

  • /sdcard
  • /storage/self/primary
  • /storage/emulated/0

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