With smartphones and the Raspberry Pi both being ARM devices, is it possible to run Android on a Raspberry Pi?


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If you happen to have a Raspberry Pi 4 4GB or 8GB, you can try out an unofficial build of LineageOS 17.1 for Raspberry Pi 4. One of my favorite YouTubers Leepspvideo made a tutorial on installing Android 10 LineageOS on a Raspberry Pi.


There are at least two routes for running Android on Raspberry Pi. You need a Pi 3 or later for both of them:


KonstKANG provides a variety of images, but the RPi-specific drivers included are limited to non-commercial use, presumably by the author. Raspberry Tips has an article on the installation process, as does BeeBom.

Rasperry Pi 3

  • LineageOS Android 7.1 to Android 10.

Raspberry Pi 4 (and 400)

  • AOSP Android 12L to 14
  • LineageOS for Android 9 to 13 and Android TV 9 to 13.

Raspberry Pi 5

  • AOSP Android 14

Other hardware

KonstKANG also provides TWRP images, and a variety of Android-related images for older devices.


Emteria provides commercial support for Android for kiosk and IoT applications, but has a free starter account that does not time out, clearly as a sales and goodwill generator. They provide a user guide for installing AOSP Android with their drivers (up to Android 14) using the Raspberry Pi Imager application. Little Bird Electronics also has a guide.

The limit on the free account is that it is limited to three devices. Emteria also don't provide all versions of Android: currently, they seem to offer versions 7, 11, 13 and 14.

Other hardware

Emteria also support various other SBCs, plus Intel NUCs via Intel Celadon. The latter is a route to running Android on x86 and x86-64 hardware, should you want to.

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