I have a new android 10 based smartphone and and after I enable a vpn connection, I simply loose all connectivity. Without VPN it works fine. The same VPN app worked flawless on my old phone.

I'm looking for solutions and also info how to troubleshoot network issues on an unrooted android device. All I can see is that the vpn client states "network unreachable". But the network certainly is working correctly with other devices, hence it's an issue with the specific phone and vpn app (in fact I tried 2 vpn apps and both have the same issue so it's not the app itself causing the issue.) It also happens immediately without truing off the screen, eg. no "sleep-state" issue. Additional it's more problematic on WLAN. On mobile data connection is lost to but vpn app can reconnect again. With wlan, I actually have to turn off the vpn and wlan and then turn wlan back on to make it work again.

Any advice?

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