I failed to find the option in settings which will assign different (custom) functionality when I "swipe left" on the homescreen. I want to get rid off news feed and leave just google search if possible. I am using MIUI 11 on the top of Android 10. Maybe this is basic question but I am new to android and I could not find an answer.

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If you want to get rid off the news feed and have only google search enter in application google then in the settings of the application ( click on more that is in the bottom right corner then settings ) enter general and turn off discover.
If you want to remove the function of left swipe enter in settings then in the home screen then turn off google discover.
There is no option to change google app from function left swipe.

  • That's it. I found out how to completely disable it, but I was not aware I could leave google search only. Very useful answer for an Android newbie
    – kaktus_car
    Feb 15, 2021 at 18:51

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