I inherited a Google Pixel 2 XL Android phone that I cannot manage to upgrade from Android 9 to Android 10, let alone Android 11.

It doesn't see any update at all. When I go to the System Updates screen of the Settings app, I get:

"Your system is up to date"

Android version: 9

Security Patch level: November 5, 2018

Last successful check for update at

(in other terms, it successfully checks for updates, but doesn't find any).

I am an iPhone guy, with very limited knowledge of Android, but I am willing to learn. My computer is a Mac.

Note that this phone has been used for Android development in the past. it has a "Developer options" setting pages, and it also has been rooted. Could this influence the update process?

What can I do next?



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    If it has been rooted you should NOT update the "normal" way or you risk bricking your device. You should reflash it back to stock using the latest factory image. developers.google.com/android/images – acejavelin Oct 7 at 0:44

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