I have an aosp(6 mashmallow) device with a hardware screen of 640×480, but the software screen has height 800

$ wm size
Physical size: 640x800
Override size: 640x480


$ dumpsys display | grep mBaseDisplayInfo

    "Built-in Screen", 
    uniqueId "local:0", 
    app 640 x 800, real 640 x 800, 
    largest app 640 x 800, 
    smallest app 640 x 800, 
    mode 1, 
    defaultMode 1, 
    modes [{id=1, width=640, height=800, fps=59.85}], 
    rotation 0, 
    density 240 (240.0 x 240.0) dpi, 
    layerStack 0, 
    appVsyncOff 0, 
    presDeadline 17708438, 
    type BUILT_IN, 
    state ON, 

Using wm size wxh does not work.

Is there a way to edit a system file(any partition) to manually set the "real" physical screen resolution info?

Also (may be related) Screen orientation (in software) is always portrait, but in hardware is landscape, Editing build.prop ro.sf.hwrotation=0 changes noting

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