I use Samsung A7(SM-A700H). Recently, our internet connection limited cuz of war.In first days I could access to internet thanks to VPN. After couple days my phone couldn't connect to VPN servers. I changed my VPN, purchased to some VPNs, resetted my connection setting at phone but not worked. But I could access to internet using same VPN with same account on PC. After couple hours I noticed that connection problem was defined as bad_dns_config. I changed modem's DNS setting and after this I could access to some sites. But YouTube, Instagram, WhatsApp and some sites are still not accessable. Even after this I couldn't connect to VPN. I tried all possible ways to solve this problem but couldn't. And there is one thing that I couldn't understand: I couldn't access to YouTube and Reddit but I got notifications from YouTube and Reddit. Now how can I fix this problem?

Note:Phone rooted. Android version:6.0.1

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