I have Lenovo Yoga Book, which I would like to use for drawing - it has a drawing tablet with a stylus.

I would like to use it to draw on Slack meetings. However, screen sharing does not work on Android version of Slack. So I was thinking I could stream the screen to YouTube and send my colleagues a link.

  • I have tried Mobizen, but that gives me "Stream Error: 901".
  • I have tried Twitch app but that's only for viewing.

Does anyone have some working solution?

Android 7.1.1.


I figured out. The Omlet Arcade app works like a charm.

It even supports internal audio streaming, but only from Android 10 which supports it itself.

In case anyone has the same use case as me - drawing - then the app I use for collaborative drawing is Aggie.io, and for stylus-on-tablet drawing I use Lenovo NoteSaver, which one of the few apps which supports the drawing pad.

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