I have Huawei ALE-L21 alice (2015) Magisk-rooted Bootloader-Unlocked Xposed-Installed but it's somehow slower and I decided to tweak my CPU but here is what ES Kernel Manager shows:

enter image description here

Also, I can't actually use the governor

enter image description here

This is my ROM info:

enter image description here

  • Pretty sure that is just how big.LITTLE architechture works, you either have the big cores active or the little cores active, you can't have all 8 of them active at the same time. Also, if you're maxing your CPU settings, you're defeating the entire purpose of the kernel's governer and will drain the battery quite rapidly. Also, your CPU options will depend entirely on what the kernel allows for, so you may want to reach out to the kernel development team for the ROM you are using, which is likely the Viper ROM maintainer for your device.
    – acejavelin
    Oct 16 '20 at 21:55
  • So, I can't just flash another kernel on-top? Oct 17 '20 at 2:39
  • 1
    Not to get all 8 cores working at once... That just isn't how big.LITTLE architecture works in general, the little cores handle the simple and background tasks when there is nothing going on to save battery, and the big cores take over when your actively doing stuff that takes some power... This is handled by the kernel's governer and I/O scheduler. You might find a kernel with a different governer or I/O scheduler, but you likely won't fine one that can get all 8 cores to work at once, plus most apps can't use more than 1 or 2 cores, they are not designed to.
    – acejavelin
    Oct 17 '20 at 3:02
  • What is the problem your trying to fix?
    – acejavelin
    Oct 17 '20 at 3:09
  • The problem is related to speed. There is so much latency on this device and Maybe, it is increasing as mush as I install more apps in internal but I have adopted storage. Oct 17 '20 at 9:27

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