I deleted and reinstalled my LINE messaging app since it kept notifying me to do so the past few days (which I found odd because it was on the latest version). I'm guessing it might have had something to do with me playing around with Lucky Patcher to install a modded version of Google Playstore, which ultimately failed so I had to flash GAPPS to get the playstore back after LP uninstalled it.

Anyways, I backed up my LINE app using Titanium Backup before deleting and reinstalling. After the reinstall, I opened LINE, logged in, and saw that all my chat history has been deleted so I ran TB to restore the data (restore app + data didn't let me install LINE so I installed it through the PlayStore and just restored the data using TB).

However, when I opened LINE again, I saw everything restored briefly until I got notified that my account is being used on another device and I was forced to delete everything.

I looked through the questions and answers in StackExchange, Reddit, and XDA but most of their problems involved transferring their LINE app to a different phone, or a different ROM (but the same phone). All I did was to delete and reinstall so my android id should not have changed so it doesn't make sense why LINE is giving me that notice.

Does anyone have ideas on how to fix this?

Phone: OnePlus 6, Android 9, rooted.



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