1. operating system ONLY working - stock
  2. TWRP doesn't decrypt /data/
  3. this solution doesn't work : http://www.electricbreadcrumbs.com/2012/07/guide-to-fixing-encryption-unsuccessful.html
  4. deleting cache and data does NOTHING
  5. I'm trying to install ArrowOS (but error showed in another OS'es too)
  6. doing factory reset only reboots
  7. all ideas allowed (by me ;) )
  • try that one TWRP-3.3.1-0602-OMFG-mod_b1.img and Nitrogen OS 10.0 – alecxs Oct 20 at 19:46
  • formatting says failed to encrypt so... – Hacks Norris Oct 21 at 15:36
  • edit:/ after flashing system had a boot loop and I've formatted via bootloader, now it doesn't exit from bootloader even if it's booting >_< – Hacks Norris Oct 21 at 18:44
  • maybe s.o. know a method to open that phone (looks like iphone, so idk is it possible...) maybe this'll be better i have some phones and i can switch hdd's... – Hacks Norris Oct 22 at 6:38
  • boot loop is normal behavior once twrp is flashed. you can always flash stock ROM in (EDL) emergency download mode with Miflash. for fixing boot loop you must disable dm-verity – alecxs Oct 22 at 9:27

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