I‘m using Android Galaxy View tablet as photo-frame, integrated in the wall with AC adapter connected constantly 24/7. The problem is the battery inside tabled dies each year. And when the battery is broken the tablet switches off automatically, regardless of AC adaptor connected. I tried to replace the battery last 4 years. Replaced 4 batteries already. But currently I cannot find any batteries for this device anymore. The tablet is not in production for many years already. My question: is there way to avoid switching tablet off while it connected to AC with broken battery? I‘m able to switch tablet on with power button. But it works this way - just several hours. Then it unexpectedly switching off. Looks like Android monitors the battery and shut downs the system if battery is 0%?. Can I disable this monitoring somehow? Another question: can I change shutdown to reboot? The point is power button is hidden under glass frame covered the tablet. And it is not easy to press it when i need to switch the device on.


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