I'm testing an app that will require users to verify their identity with front facing id, back facing id and a selfie. It's really tedious to do the tests by hand one by one, i'd like to have a few people make videos in different lighting conditions, then I can send those videos to the camera feed of a real android phone and see how the app fares.

I know it's possible to do something like this on PC with ManyCam, where you can send a video to the camera api, I was wondering if there's a similar app or method to achieve the same thing on androids.

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For testing, depending on your app you have a few choices:

If the the app just needs camera and is configurable either:

a) use the Android emulator on PC which can take a USB webcam as input and use that to inject the images/video feed.

b) Android devices starting with Android 9 can accept external USB Camera and use the standard API or need custom libraries for earlier version of Android. This would require the app to support such alternate inputs.

If you are testing biometric, there is a way to test with fingerprint using emulator but on physical hardware per the documentation secure camera hardware is required to prevent injection attacks on face authentication.

  • I'm about to deepdive, thank you for the neat answer! I'll report back with my findings. Commented Oct 27, 2020 at 3:14

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