I have Android 2.3.6 (rooted) on my Samsung I9003 Galaxy SL and use the "USB tethering" option to connect my laptop to the cellphone and sometimes "Mobile AP" as a hotspot.

When I try to upload anything usually bigger than 1 or 2 MB to internet, all of a sudden, the internet connection drops. I didn't have this problem a month ago.

After the connection drops, I can't receive or upload anything and can't even visit a website... can't even get a ping result. On the phone, the mobile data icon is still there, but no signs of sending or receiving.

Then I have to uncheck phone data (Use packet data) under "Mobile Networks" for a few seconds and again recheck it, to reset the entire connection; to get internet and everything work again.

I figured out if I keep refreshing a web page (somehow downloading anything during any upload) the connection won't drop. Or when I use google Duo in chrome browser (downloading and uploading at the same time) the connection won't drop, but when solely uploading anything... the connection to internet drops.

Any solution, other than buying a new cellphone, is appreciated.

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