I use the default browser as well Opera Mini. I can't seem to find any setting to limit the cache to a certain amount (in MB for example). They eat up disk space quickly.

Anyone knows if it's possible limit the cache disk usage of these browsers? If not, can you recommend a browser that can do this?

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There's no way to limit the cache of browsers or apps, however you could use one of many cache cleaner apps to sweep the cache/temp files in one stroke.

Take a look at Dolphin Browser as well - it has an option to store the cache on the SD card, so that will eliminate your space problem. There's also the option of clearing the cache/history each time you exit the browser. Also has sync, extensions and Flash support (depending on your device).

BTW - I don't think Opera Mini stores a cache as Opera Mobile does. Opera Mini does however store pages in folders specified by the user.

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