I want Firefox on Android to be able to browse to local domain names on my LAN: http://koffiezetapparaat.lan should resolve to for instance.

This works on desktop Firefox, but doesn't work on Firefox on Android. I suspect that this is because of DNS over HTTPS.

What I tried: I installed Firefox Beta on Android, went to about:config and set network.trr.mode to 5 as described here. Then, I removed all DNS cache present in Firefox on Android itself.

Then, I 'hard reloaded' http://koffiezetapparaat.lan by long pressing the reload button.

I still get a 404.

Network traffic analysis with tcpdump on my OpenWrt router showed no port 53 traffic, but a lot of port 443 traffic.

Please bear in mind that navigating to http://koffiezetapparaat on Chrome on Android works as it should, it resolves to

I supect that Firefox on Android still uses DNS over HTTPS and want to know a definitive way of disabling that.

  • Disable Private DNS (DoT) on Android 9+. It sends encrypted DNS traffic over port 853. – Irfan Latif Oct 30 '20 at 20:34

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