Up to 16.1, LineageOS provided su as an add-on, in the shape of an extra zip file which could be installed along with the OS itself using a recovery image such as TWRP.

However, with 17.1 they have discontinued their su addon and no longer support root access. Those who still want it are getting pointed to “one of the other su solutions out there”.

A quick search pointed me to Magisk as pretty much the only solution under active development. However, the install instructions are a bit confusing.

The device is a OnePlus One (bacon), upgrading from LOS 15.1. For now, I am just interested in having a replacement for what su offered up to LOS 16.1; any other features offered by Magisk are secondary to me.

Will it work if I just grab the latest Magisk zip from the Github release page and install it alongside the OS, through the recovery of my choice (currently on TWRP 3.2.2-0)? Or is using Magisk Manager a hard requirement?

Are there any major differences in UX over my current LOS + su setup?


a su binary usually tries to establish connection to a superuser app (gui to manage access)

just install magisk.zip from TWRP - it will install both the su binary and the (required) magisk manager

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  • Worked a treat. As an additional bonus, Magisk Manager finally provides me with a less hackist way of installing MicroG (of which I use the Universal Network Location Provider). – user149408 Nov 3 at 19:32

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