I've been wondering a lot about this when it happened which I was using Walli* app yet after I have changed my ROM, maybe the app gets blank no matter how I install it. But after a time, I've also realized that there is another app called Reface with the same problem in which I can't use them because they're blank like there is no connection to the Internet.

enter image description here

enter image description here

enter image description here

Note: I'm using Cloudflare Family DNS on my router and Firewall settings such SPI and DOS protection. My ROM: AOSP based 7.1.2 Android custom ROM

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    Have you tried with other WiFi/mobile data? This may be a connection/network/firewall configuration issue, not an Android issue. – Andrew T. Oct 31 '20 at 8:52
  • @AndrewT. Not yet but the other apps are working? – Mohammed Mehdi TBER Oct 31 '20 at 9:06
  • Well, it depends on where the sources of the images come from, and whether they're blocked by the firewall and/or Cloudflare Family DNS..? – Andrew T. Oct 31 '20 at 9:10
  • I don't know yet. However, Cloudflare Family DNS also blocks malware. – Mohammed Mehdi TBER Oct 31 '20 at 9:12

The problem was solved by installing Exposed via recovery instead of Magisk

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