In Nokia 9 with Android 10, I set Settings=>Display=>Advance=>Screen timeout to 30 seconds, but I still like be aware when I have notifications waiting to be reviewed.

In Settings=>Display=>Advanced there are Glance view options:

The Glance view settings

The default Glance display duration is 30 seconds. But I like to see all of the notifications which I missed when I wasn't around my phone, so I've changed it to Always on...which got the screen to be constantly on!

Glace display duration

True, it's not "fully" on. It's a black screen with a clock and battery percentage. But is there any way to keep the screen completely off and only keep the glance screen on if I actually have notifications waiting to be reviewed?

In other words, see how Wikipedia describes what I want:

Typically, an Ambient display solution which turns on the screen only when notifications are present, remains on, but turns off when they are dismissed.

- Always on Display, Wikipedia

Here is what I get when the screen is supposed to be turned off: Clock and energy bar are shown instead of turning off the screen

  • Based on my experience on Nexus 5 on LineageOS 14.1 (Android 7.1.2), Ambient Display only turns on the device for a brief moment when a notification comes, then turns off itself. The display is not permanent on though when there are pending notifications. – Andrew T. Nov 8 '20 at 15:02
  • As mentioned, the default is indeed 30 seconds. But you would think changing it to Always on (see new screenshot) should fix it. Alas, it just causes to be on 24/7. – LWC Nov 9 '20 at 15:50

To enable notifications on lock screen:

adb shell settings secure put lock_screen_show_notifications 1

  • The lock screen has its own settings right in the UI. This question is about a turned off screen, not about a lock screen. – LWC Nov 15 '20 at 6:29

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