When using many different Android apps, a native file chooser is displayed to allow the user to select a file to process.

For example, in the well-regarded Privacy Browser web browser, visiting the VirusTotal website and then pressing the Choose file button on that site will invoke this file chooser GUI.

I noticed, on Samsung Android Nougat devices, many of the files listed in the Downloads folder were deleted over a year ago, but are still being presented as current options by the file chooser.

How can one clear the history of this native file chooser?

When clearing it, are there any undesirable side-effects?

  • If you press the "choose file" button on my system the app chooser opens and if I select the "Files" app it starts with the recently used files history. Is that what you are talking about?
    – Robert
    Nov 13 '20 at 9:32
  • @Robert I think so. Except I don't get any app chooser... it goes directly to the file chooser. The file chooser has no About menuitem, or any indication if it is from Google or Samsung. Carefully going through all apps in Settings > Apps (with system apps shown) does not immediately reveal what is actually providing that file chooser GUI. Nov 13 '20 at 9:40
  • @Robert Also, going to Settings > Apps > Default Apps > Set as Default (with Show system apps enabled) shows nothing that I find relevant, which is odd. Nov 13 '20 at 9:42
  • @IrfanLatif I just finished reading your linked answer. Thanks. I tried clearing the cache for com.android.documentsui, but doing so (unsurprisingly) had no effect. I'm thinking of clearing its data next. Will doing so result in any data loss of stored files? Nov 13 '20 at 9:50

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