I have 2 pieces of the same device (crackling) and I wanted to clone #1 onto #2. Both are running TWRP 3.4.0.

I ran backup (unencrypted) to SD card on #1. Backup data is stored on the SD card in TWRP/BACKUPS/4400d489/2020-09-03--02-42-32_lineage_crackling-userdebug_9_PQ3A190801002/* (boot.emmc.win, boot.emmc.win.sha2, data.ext4.win000, data.ext4.win000.sha2, ...)

When I run TWRP on #1 again, to test Restore, it says: "Select Package to Restore":

2020-09-03-02-42-32_lineageos_crackling-userdebug_9. [...]

which, upon selection, offers System, Data (excl. storage) and Boot for restoration, as expected.

TWRP on #2 (same SD card inserted) says "Select Package to Restore:"


(it is the parent directory... why?) and then offers no partitions to restore.

What is the problem here (SD card is fine)?


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  • The number 4400d489 corresponds to the device serial number of Device 1.

  • Since you ruled out problems with SD card, try this. Make a backup of a small partition on the second device on the same card. It will create a folder corresponding to the serial number of device 2. Copy the files from backup of 4400d489 to this folder. I am not sure why in your case this folder was not created but was backed up to TWRP/BACKUP

  • Restore the backup on Device 2 (mount all partitions in TWRP) ,making sure you don't back up boot image from Device 1,as that may have device identifier information. Restoring that would create problems.

  • It's always a good idea to always have a backup stored on your laptop. SD cards can go bad without warning too.


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