I have just got a new android 10 tablet and I'm having a really stupid user interface problem.

When I click a link to a PDF document in the web browswer (Chrome) I click download and nothing happens. After much routing around I eventually found the downloads listed in the new "google go" app. This lists my downloads as "downloaded not started" once for each time I clicked it.

There is no obvious way to start the downloads from here.

This is very stupid default behaviour. How do I change it?

I read around somewhere that I needed to:

  • install a pdf viewer app - done
  • change the file associations (in settings/apps & notifications/default apps)

There is no file association for PDF and no (obvious) way to add a new one I just have:

  • Assist App - Google Assistant Go
  • Browser App - Chrome
  • Home App - Quickstep
  • Phone app - phone
  • SMS app - message
  • <blank> - opening links

I select a PDF viewer (e.g. Adobe) and try to enable "open by default". Nothing happens.

I did actually get some PDFs to download and thought I had fixed the problem but the next time I tried it happened again.

What am I doing wrong? I find it hard to believe Google can have so thoroughly broken something as basic as this. So what am I missing?

What I expect:

  • I should be able to download arbitrary files to an arbitrary location (after clicking that I accept the risk if fine)

  • Something should tell me where the files were downloaded to without having to search the internet for an answer.

  • PDF files should open either in the browser directly or from a 'downloads tab'

  • The "go" app should have a button somewhere to let me start the downloads

How do I make this happen?

Are the "google Go" and "google files" apps the problem? Can I/ Should I replace them with something more intuitive.

The tablet is something model is listed as "Q3".



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