I uninstalled the DocumentsUI only to know it wasn't "just" a files manager. My /system/priv-app/DocumentsUI is empty. Putting any 3rd party DocumentsUI.apk in it results in bootloop. I have a custom rom (Aosp extended).

Flashing the /system again would fix the problem I think. Just want to make sure if this will make the condition worse or am I going alright?

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    Extract the file from ROM's zip file and put in proper place with proper permissions. Commented Dec 4, 2020 at 1:29

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The way I did it was a little different.. I made a full twrp backup. Wiped everyhing. Flashed the stock rom. Copied the DocumentsUI.apk from twrp. Wiped again. Restored the backup. Placed the copied apk into /system/priv-app/DocumentsUI. Everything worked perfectly!


This answer was before the edit but holds

Flashing /Data would result in:

  • Losing your user data.

  • Worse, it's not going to solve your problem.


  • Dirty flash the ROM ( flash /system without wiping /Data)

  • As suggested by Irfan in comments, Extract the file from ROM's zip file and put in proper place with proper permissions.

Second option requires a good understanding of Android. For me, dirty flashing would be fastest and simplest.


You have to root for this

Install any root browser (x-plorer , cx file manager etc.

open /system/priv-app/DocumentsUIGoogle

3.copy all apk files to any internel storage folder

Install all these apk files at once using any split apk installer ( Recommended -com.smartpack.packagemanager ) download link - https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.smartpack.packagemanager


Note :- if you are unable to find these apk files then use attached files vvvvv https://mega.nz/folder/R1UxBbYJ#BD6jRT52rADTGA09x6EBcA

Note 2 => if you don't have any DocumentsUIGoogle folder then create one and put all apk files into it then install all these apks using package manager.

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