I'm hoping someone here would have a solution to my problem.

Samsung S20+ has recently stopped showing the SIM 1 & SIM 2 icons in the status bar. It is still showing the

  1. Network bars for both SIMs.
  2. Wifi calling.
  3. Wifi.
  4. Bluetooth.

It is frustrating because I do not know what has caused that to happen. I would like to see the SIM icons next to the network bars.

What I have tried so far:

  1. I have installed Good Lock app recently so I tried uninstalling it and it doesn't make any difference.
  2. I have tried to turn one of the SIMs off. did not help
  3. Tried various notification settings, battery percentage show/hide setting, etc. didn't help.
  4. Tried restarting the phone, it did not help.

I did a quick search and couldn't find anything relevant.

  • Yes Notifications enabled, no device is not on silent.
    – Sab J
    Dec 16 '20 at 7:41

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