I have a Fire HD 10 Tablet with android in it and i'm trying to use external USB (like storage or mouse) but when i plug the tablet to an USB-Hub connected to a SD Card it reads it for about 10 seconds and then throws the message "Moisture/Water detected, please unplug the USB". The thing is i tried this with another tablet and it's the same. However, i tried with my PC and it works fine, so the problem can't come from the USB-Hub or the SD Card.

Any suggestions how i can solve this? (I know it's more a hardware topic here, but maybe the problem can come from software too?)

  • Keep your test set-up as simple as possible. I would start with a direct connection without USB hub (just a mouse or an USB stick). And try different USB cables. – Robert Dec 19 '20 at 20:48

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