I am working with Android AOSP. When I connect my Android device with cellular network, then the timezone is updating (if I enable the "auto-update time zone" option). But if I connect my device with WiFi or ethernet network, then the timezone is not updating (even if the "auto-update time zone" option is enabled).

I studied some forums, they are saying that the timezone will not update with WiFi and ethernet network.

Is it right? Please give some summary regarding this issue.


Time synchronization via Wifi/Ethernet bases on the NTP protocol. All NTP server are running with UTC time, hence they can not provide a time zone.

If if they would the time-zone would be useless, as an NTP server can be located anywhere in the world. Typically one NTP DNS name consists on multiple NTP servers, and based on a region the closest server is selected, but that still does not mean that the server is located in the same time-zone as you are.

Only the cellular network has the Network Identity and Time Zone (NITZ) service which provides not only time but also the current time-zone. As a mobile network cell is limited to a very small area it is possible to deliver correct time zone data via cellular.

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