If I restore a nandroid backup will it restore the hboot and the corresponding partition tables?

I'm on bravo-stock hboot now and I want to try the CM7 hboot. Will I be able to switch back to stock hboot just restoring a nandroid or do I need to flash the stock hboot first?

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Generally speaking, no, ClockworkMod (and other custom recoveries) do not backup your bootloader. You can physically look at your backup directory to verify this, but I have never seen a custom recovery that included a bootloader in the backups. What you typically get is:

  • Boot partition
  • System partition
  • Data partition (also /sdcard/.android_secure depending on the recovery/version)
  • sdext (if you have it)
  • WiMAX partition (if you have it)

The general rule is to make sure you have the correct HBOOT version before you restore a nandroid backup, and you'd have to flash it separately.

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