I'm following this guide to remove bloatware on my Android device. So far I was able to remove the apps that I didn't want on my phone, but whenever I try to uninstall Amazon Prime Video using ADB I keep getting thrown this error:

Failure [not installed for 0]

The command that caused this error to appear was:

pm uninstall -k --user 0 com.amazon.avod.thirdpartycilent

Why am I getting this error and how can I remove Amazon Prime Video from my phone? I can see that the app is installed for me (see below) but it shows up as if it isn't installed whenever I try to uninstall it using ADB.

Amazon Pic

My phone's model is an LG G8 ThinQ and it runs Android 10.

  • Can you provide the output of the command adb shell pm list packages --user 0 amazon? Also, if you deem an app as bloatware I don't think you should be keeping its data lying around, in which case omit -k in the uninstall command. – Firelord Dec 29 '20 at 19:52
  • Do you mean in the post or in a comment? – JayWuzHere Dec 29 '20 at 20:11
  • In the question would be good – Firelord Dec 29 '20 at 21:06

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