I have Moto E6 phone with Android 9 Pie and external SD card, I need to move large folder to another location on the same card but all file explorers I tried so far were trying to copy data to the new location and only then delete it from old location

Is this the way android is moving files/folders? The process takes forever and (if SD card doesn't have enough space for TWO copies of the same data, the process is terminated with error)

Once the phone was connected to windows PC, I was able to map internal storage as a drive and just move the folder from one location to another in a second.

Is there any way to force Android to actually move data to the new location without copying?

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    not sure about the MTP protocol or how API work, but mv works fine to me on cmd line – alecxs Jan 2 at 16:50
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    @alecxs But mv works on an external (real) sd-card only on via adb or on a rooted device via su. Apps have to use the Java API an I am not sure if the Java API contains a move command. – Robert Jan 2 at 16:57
  • @alecxs Sorry my comment was a bit unclear. I was only talking about file modifications especially for file deletion I know that this is not possible on an external sd-card since Android 9 without root permissions. Reading is still possible. File creation I don't know, and I am also not sure if file moving is something special or a combination of file creation plus deletion from a permission perspective. – Robert Jan 2 at 21:58
  • looks like there is no official recommended way handling files stackoverflow.com/q/4178168 – alecxs Jan 2 at 22:48

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