I try to login in my device directly vith

adb shell bash -i

It kind of partially works, because I'm logged with , but the terminal loose completion.

The error I get:

$ adb shell bash -i 
bash: cannot set terminal process group (-1): Not a typewriter
bash: no job control in this shell
mydevice / #

Is there something possible to do it properly without errors ? I don't have su installed.

  • do you mean bash -l because bash -i doesn't make sense to me without any cmd – alecxs Jan 3 at 9:14
  • -i stands for interactive, that's the wanted behavior – Gilles Quenot Jan 4 at 11:47
  • ... and -l is for login shell. are you saying bash without -i is not interactive? – alecxs Jan 4 at 15:05

The error is expected. adb shell by default doesn't allocate a TTY (terminal) which is required for interactive session. Instead use:

adb shell -t bash -i

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